Early Childhood Services Hub

This is an online hub for local leaders, commissioners, practitioners and researchers who want to use evidence to improve outcomes for children and their families in maternity and the early years. It provides a central online place for key evidence resources and planning tools, including ‘what works’ evidence reviews on child outcomes in early childhood, practice learning and case studies, and how-to guides.

Early childhood is a period of rapid physical, social and emotional, behavioural and cognitive development, which lays the foundations for a happy, healthy and productive life. This means it is an especially important period for early intervention to prevent or reduce the negative impacts of problems experienced by a child or family.

Maternity and early years services are a vital means of both providing support to children and families who need it, and identifying those who may need additional support from other local services. As local authorities, the NHS and other local partners work out how best to maintain and develop maternity and early years services in the face of current pressures, there is a demand for evidence to guide local decisions, and support to plan an effective local system for children and their families.

Early Childhood Champions Network

We are building a new virtual network of local champions for early intervention in early childhood, to share learning and support the use of evidence. Register your interest and become part of our national coalition.

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  • 2020
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